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The language extends the horizon of your business.

The success and development of the activity depends on the multitude of languages ​​in the world.

PK Translate approaches your goal by offering translation and linguistic mediation.

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Our service helps you to accomplish your project through the translation of your:

  • site,
  • personal profile,
  • blog,
  • communications,
  • commercial offers,
  • products descriptions,
  • letters,
  • and other.

  • Our goals

Our goal is to provide the vast group of companies and private people with a solid support for their business.

Translation and linguistic intermediation in the global world becomes an opportunity for opening up to international markets.

  • How we work?

  1. Examination
  2. Translation
  3. Verification
  4. Review
  5. Delivery

We are dealing with a translation and interpretation service at the highest level of professionalism and quality. Each translation is processed by the expert, competent on the subject, and crosses the stages of translation, verification and rigorous review.

At the end the translation is delivered at the specified times. We make precise, clear and professional translations by applying the method of conceptual and inclusive exposure in the linguistic and cultural horizons in every language.

  • New method

Translate with the new method which includes the linguistic and cultural horizon.The translation will be carried out under the hermeneutical method which includes the linguistic and cultural horizon.This perspective helps us to clarify and specify the linguistic nuances of the original text.

  • Language opens the horizon and brings a profit!

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