My name is Pavlo Kachkivskiy, I am a doctor in Philosophy and for 12 years I have been committed to developing the teaching method of the Russian language by offering services to the Ministries, the Council of Ministers and directly to the Government at the Palazzo Chigi of Italy. I collaborate with Universities, Academies and Language Schools such as Berlitz, Linguistic Academy, Trinity School Language Academy, Authentic Enterprise Solutions and Others. I am teaching at various international companies such as Procter & Gamble, American Express, Lukoil, Opel, Lidland others.

  • Method 

The method starts from the experience of philosophical, linguistic and methodological research.

I worked in two areas: in academic, focusing on linguistics and philosophy; and in the practical one, focusing on the practical language.

The experience of my research showed efficiently how important is a theory of language, accompanied by practical experience.